Weddings, baby or bridal showers, graduation parties - you name it, we want to be there. 

Picture it. You’re celebrating a beautiful occasion on a warm Spring day and you have an iced latte in hand. Or maybe you’re having a Christmas party and want to add a little something to it, so we set up our espresso bar and your guests have hot lattes and cider in hand. 

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While we don’t have a physical coffee shop location (yet!), we thrive on serving you coffee in different ways. With a full mobile coffee bar that serves cafe quality drinks, we can bring a great coffee to your next event;  an experience your guests are sure to remember and appreciate.

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With a few different options with varying price points and versions of the mobile coffee bar, we can work with you to create what you envision for your day. From a simple hot coffee bar where guests can serve themselves to a full espresso set up with lattes and cold brew, we’ve got it all.

Here’s how it works:

You fill out the details of what you want (or take a look at the packages we offer), shoot us a message, and we send you a price. Easy. This means that depending on how many guests you have and what type of event it is, we can make sure everything is settled beforehand so on the day of, guests can simply enjoy having delicious coffee in hand. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and don’t hesitate to let us know exactly how we can help :)

And as always, we look forward to serving you. 


Hot Coffee Bar:

Table set up with black table cloth, 3 coffee carafes filled with same coffee, different, decaf, etc. Sugar, regular and dairy free creamer, stir sticks, and cups provided. This option is not staffed and is self served by the guests.

Full Espresso Bar:

  1. Basic Catering - $350/hour with 2 hour minimum

0-100 guests ($500/hour for 200-350 guests) 

Unlimited espresso based iced and hot beverages with a basic menu including:






Sweet Latte 

Hot Chocolate

*Milks included would be oat & organic whole

*Eco-friendly cups. lids, stir sticks


  1. Upgraded Menu - $450/hour with 2 hour minimum

0-100 guests ($600/hour for 200-350 guests)

Complete espresso bar services as outlined above

+ drip coffee, chai, & tea.


After the 2 hour minimum, any additional hour would be $150.